Mahjong, is a game played by Chinese Aristocrats with beautifully carved, handcrafted jade, ivory or bone tiles. These are believed to have evolved from paper cards. The game in some form or other has been enjoyed in China reputedly since the times of Confucius. It is a game of luck and strategy, deeply rooted in Chinese culture. After 3,000 years, mahjong has evolved and spread to many other cultures. Today, there are many styles of modern mahjong – Japanese, Australian, Korean and American are only a few.

As interest in mahjong grows, our company has enjoyed fantastic success teaching American Style Mahjong. In demand as a learning and entertainment resource throughout Long Island, MAHJONG BASICS is quickly expanding to the larger New York metropolitan area.

The popularity of learning American Mahjong with MAHJONG BASICS is due to Lin, The Mahjong Lady and “Mahjong Teacher Extraordinaire.” Her dynamic lectures and interactive teaching style encourages fun and focused learning as friends learn and play together. Lin provides students with the confidence and foundational knowledge to begin playing at the end of the first session. Consequently, students can handle the mysteries of Cracks, Bams and Dots within an hour of their first exposure to mahjong.

The main thrust of  MAHJONG BASICS  has been Private Students and Special Events. Our newest company venture is “Dim Sum Mahjong” and other Catered Mahjong Theme Parties - throughout the New York metropolitan area. These are just beginning to take off.

Contact Us Today to arrange a “Mahjong Theme Party” or to “Learn Mahjong”. It is a great social vehicle and will give you a lifetime of  future enjoyment.

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